Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Speaker. Will He or Wont He. UPDATE He's resigned!!


Like a fucking rabbit caught in a pair of headlights the look of bewilderment on Michael Martin's eyes in Parliament yesterday was something a true Englishman certainly doesn't want to see again.

In a statement, which the "Working Class Duffer" never lifted his eyes off......Mr Martin apologised to the country about the expenses scandal on behalf of the entire House of Commons.....What a hypercritical fucker he is!!!!!!!!

After his statement he was subjected to the humiliation of a series of interventions by MPs who warned he was inflicting serious damage on the “reputation” and “integrity” of Parliament and several called on him to announce when he would stand down......YEH RIGHT.....AS IF THE DUFFER WOULD!!!!!!!!

Douglas Carswell, the Tory MP who has tabled the motion of no confidence in the Speaker, was one of the first to respond to Mr Martin’s statement in a hushed Commons chamber. He said: “MPs on all sides have now tabled a substantive motion calling for a vote of no confidence in you. When will members be allowed to choose a new Speaker with the moral authority to clean up Westminster and the legitimacy to lift this House out of the mire?”

Sir Patrick Cormack, the senior Tory MP, who was first elected in 1970. He said: “The times that we are living in are unprecedented as far as Parliament is concerned. What is at stake is the institution of Parliament and its integrity.” As MPs gasped, he added: “Could I ask you to bear in mind that the condition of the House today is rather like the condition of the country at the time of the Norway debate?” This was a reference to the critical vote in 1940 on the occupation of Norway by Germany, a vote which brought about the downfall of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his replacement by Winston Churchill........But of coarse all this fell on deaf ears........

In a further sign that the Speaker has lost control of the Commons, David Winnick, the Labour MP, who has been in the Commons for 30 years, said it was in Parliament’s interests for Mr Martin to stand down. He told the Speaker: “There is great public anger outside which undoubtedly has harmed the reputation of this House.

“We all bear responsibility, I take my share of responsibility like every other MP. But can I put this to you ... would you bear in mind that it would be very useful to the reputation of this House — and I say this with reluctance, but I say it all the same — if you gave some indication of your own intention to retire? Your early retirement, Sir, would help the reputation of the House.”......

Gordon Prentice, the Labour MP, who has also signed the no confidence motion, asked whether he was “right in thinking that it will be debated Tuesday and voted upon?” Mr Martin said “this is not a point of order” but was interrupted by Mr Prentice who insisted, “oh yes it is”. ...... What a complete embarrassment to Parliament this present Government is and the Speaker is only making matters worse.......but......the real issue here.....is the fact that it seems the majority of MP's have no inclination of the feelings of the electorate and they think that they can walk on water.........COME THE REVOLUTION

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