Sunday, 24 May 2009

Keep It In The Family

WELL......WELL.....WELL....More revolations about the greedy British MP's.....This time the fuckers, over 200 of them, have been paying members of their family to "work" for them and claim extra expenses's from the seemingly bottomless pit called the "British Taxpayer"...Here are just a few examples of the greedy sods.........

Malcolm Bruce, the president of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, was able to claim thousands of pounds towards the running of both his London flat and his constituency home in Scotland. The MP, whose wife, Rosemary, works for him from their home on Deeside, was paid nearly £3,100 towards his Scottish home as well as more than £61,186 for his London home between April 2005 and March 2008.

Michael Clapham, a Labour MP, claimed £210 for a pair of glasses for his wife, Yvonne, on his taxpayer-funded office allowance. Mrs Clapham works for him as his assistant. He also claimed £64.93 on the office budget for dinner services and £19.97 for an iron.

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