Saturday, 16 May 2009

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand

JOHNATHAN ROSS and RUSSELL BRAND......What the flying fuck is that all about??????.....These two idiots are a prime example of the talentless people that are now idealised by a certain section of society.....They are extremely overpaid for behaving like teenagers and getting away with it because, like a lot of "entertainers" of the same ilk, no-one will stand up to them and say...YOU ARE A FUCKING TALENTLESS OVERPAID MORONS......How the hell Jonathan Ross has got as far as he has is a fucking mystery.....His brother is just as bad but at least he served a bit of an entertainment apprentaship......To pay Ross £18 million over three years just beggars belief!!!!.... His kind of entertainment genre soon starts to get stale because it's an "one act wonder"......As for Russell Brand.....Well....Words fucking fail me.....This guy is called a stand-up comedian.....This is a fucking insult to other stand-up comedians.....He made his name on MTV then didn't have the intelligence to just take the money and run....He pushed that to the extreme so MTV fucked him off and then the BBC had the gaul to give him his own show at £200000 per year because they thought that he would attract a younger audience....YEH RIGHT....This guy is as funny a "turd in a swimming pool" but at least he has the intelligence to know what the name of the game is and play the braindead people that employ him at their own game....and don't they fucking deserve it?????

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