Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Baby Boomers on The Web

Is the invasion of the Boomers causing some members of younger generations to flee the social networking sites in search of fresher territory?

This scenario is played out on MySpace and Facebook, and now it is starting to happen on Twitter. When the Baby Boomers--traditionally defined as anyone born between 1946 and 1964--arrive, they tend to do so en masse. And when they set up camp, they invariably change the dynamic of the social network itself. Whether due to their distinctive social habits or the sheer vastness of their demographic, a mass migration of 50-and-over folk brings in its train everything from increased political activity to a proliferation of spam.

Evidently when the Boomers arrive it marks an end of innocence on a social network, as younger users lose what was once their private playground or--even worse--have to share it with their parents.

Will this mean that a lot of younger members of Social Networking Sites will "Jump Ship"?.....I don't think so.....but watch this space!

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