Saturday, 16 May 2009

Big Brother Travel Regulations in UK

So the ultimate "Big Brother" situation is now going to be implemented in the UK......Evidently ever person who travels out of the UK will have to have their details recorded and the information will be kept for 10 years......This means that every person that leaves the UK by land, sea or air has to state their travel details no matter which means they leave by.......So the fucking Socialists have finally figured out a way of keeping track on all movements.....Even if you decide to swim the channel you will still have to declare your intentions to leave the country and of coarse there will be hefty fines if you don't.......The motherfuckers have even said that they will stop people with unpaid fines from leaving......When will the British public wake fucking up to what is happening to their freedom that their forebears fought hard to establish??????.......I reckon that the answer is NEVER.....The British seem to be most the laziest country in the World as far as letting their Government get away with what it wants to......The French on the other hand are always "on the ball".....This situation would never happen in France as the streets would be full of protesters and the whole country would grind to a standstill.....Whilst in France politics are always discussed by everyone and they respect your views and the right to air them.......In the UK the opposite is true......If one talks politics at a dinner table the conversation becomes heated and tempers are lost but in France the opposite is true.....The conversation may become heated but tempers are not lost because it's just seen as another point of view......perhaps this is why the French are more political aware and care about what politicians get up to and how it affects their country and the British do not......WAKE UP YOU FUCKERS.....You're once great country is slipping farther into the abyss then Russia did under Lenin and Stalin......It's still not to late but time is running out.....Phew....that was a serious subject....I'm off for a drink to steady my nervesWinkWink........

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