Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sir Fred Goodwin

SIR FRED GOODWIN!!!!!.........Well....Well....Well....Here we have a person (a "banker" of coarse) that has made a complete fool out of the present British Government.....How the fuck he got a knighthood in the first place is fucking beyond me.......This motherfucker has been allowed to walk away with a pension of £693,000 paid for by the "good old" British taxpayer.....He's even collecting it now at the grand old age of 50.....What really rubs salt into the wound is not only did his bank loose £24 billion when he was in charge but the pension was signed off by the present Finance Minister and recommended by board members of RBS six of which are currently still sitting on the board......Unfucking believable!!!!

Off coarse Cyclops (Brown) has been bleating for the past week to all that will listen that he's going to stop the payout or rake some back.....Which of coarse he has no legal grounds to do and now we have Harriot Harman saying the same thing....Will these fucking Socialists ever wake up and smell the roses????....they let the banks have their own way ever since they got into power in 97' and most people with half a brain knew that the "bubble" was going to burst but it seems that they didn't...or....Were they hoping that it would stay inflated until they were out of office and the next Government would then take the blame???? I think so!!....Why the Hell do you think Tony Baloney Blair left when he did....he knew what was coming and made a swift exit before the walls came crashing down.....Mind you....Here's another "Socialist" that's made himself a nice little fortune (£12million) since leaving office and even his wife has the bare-faced cheek to make TV documentaries about Christianity.....What a fucking nerve!!!!!!

Well a pox on all their houses.....I'm off to count my millions, find a banker or socialist, and have a stiff G&T....

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