Monday 18 May 2009

The Pigs Dig Themselves a Deeper Hole

Well, Well, Well.....The pigs are digging themselves an even deeper whole and it seems that the fuckers are being lead to the trough by Michael Martin the Speaker of the Piggery...... It seems that he gave secret permission for some MPs to over-claim for thousands of pounds in home loan interest in deals that led to the abuse of the taxpayer-funded expenses system.

Ben Chapman, a Labour MP, admitted that he was allowed to continue claiming for interest payments on his entire mortgage after repaying £295,000 of the loan in 2002.

Mr Chapman, who has been a ministerial aide, approached the fees office at the end of 2002 to explain that he was repaying £295,939 of the mortgage on his designated second home in Lambeth, south-east London. This reduced the interest payments – met by the taxpayer – from £1,900 to £400 per month.

Over 10 months the arrangement allowed Mr Chapman to receive £15,000 for the part of the home loan which had been paid off. Last night, he said he would not give back the money.

Permission to claim “phantom” mortgage payments is understood to have been offered to several MPs before 2004. It was stopped after Commons officials admitted it should never have been allowed. Michael Martin has been Speaker since 2000 and was therefore ultimately responsible for the arrangements – which has never been independently investigated.


If these "people" had been working for companies which had allowed them certain expenses and they had "padded" their claims by such an extent......They would have been sacked and a police investigation would have been started leading to prosecution......Why the hell should these fuckers get away with paying some money back, which they would not have done if it all hadn't been revealed.

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