Sunday, 24 May 2009

The British Male Love Affair With French Women.

WHAT'S WITH THIS LOVE AFFAIR THE BRITISH HAVE ABOUT FRENCH WOMEN????.............Why do British men seem to have a complete "blind spot" where French women are concerned.....As soon as the subject come up in conversation their eyes glaze over and they go weak at the knees.......They seem to have this preconception that all French women have the body of a goddess and shag like rabbits.....Nothing could be further from the truth.....While I must loathingly admit that around 35% of French women might, with an pinch, might fall into that category, the other 65% certainly don't.......You only have to traipse around a supermarket to see the percentages at work.....One of the great big differences between them and British women is that they take much more pride in their appearance and even cheap clothes look good on them...but....and a very big but...after a certain age.....say around 40...strange

things start to happen to that "French Chic"....It goes to their bloody arse......

This seems to take place when they have spawned say 4 kids and lost all interest in being pleasing on the eye.....Then the armpit hair starts to develop a mind of it's own and the build up of garlic that's been consumed over the years starts to seep through their pores and no matter how many gallons of Chanel they bathe in....They are on a losing battle......This myth of an avarice sexual creature is also a great myth.....French women are even more disinterested in sex then British women.....Evidently they fuck per week less then their British counterpart.....So instead of feeling jealous of Frenchmen the rampant British male should feel pity instead......Whilst I'm whinging about the average French woman....There are always exceptions to the rule of course.....There are some fabulous examples of what the British male's preconception of French women are like.....These are the ones that take great care in their appearance no matter what age they are or shape and what a difference it is compared to their British counterpart.....and long may it sodding remain

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