Monday 31 October 2011

Parking Problem

Swiss man mistakes river for car park

A drunk Swiss man accidently drove his car into the river because he thought it was an underground car park.
An intoxicated Swiss man got a shock when he mistook a river for an underground car park.
Peter Thaler was arrested by police when he went to collect his car from what he believed was a parking lot but was in fact Ruess river near Luzern after he had drunkenly drove down a ramp leading to the water the night before.
A source said: "He was confused because of the fog - but mostly because of the drink.
He lost his licence and will be fined and will have to pay all the costs of the recovery of his car."
Mr. Thaler drank so much alcohol, he was still over the limit the next morning and failed a breathalyser test.

Sunday 30 October 2011

The Getaway Driver!

Police 'chase' 10mph pensioner for 27 miles

A 76-year-old woman from Essex was stopped by police after a chase that lasted 27 miles.
Caroline Turner was driving between 10 and 20mph for the duration of the chase, in which she refused to pull over for police.
The incident happened on October 4 when Turner drove the wrong way around a roundabout, according to The Daily Telegraph.
She was then tailed by a police car until the officer used his emergency flashing lights.
Turner, of Gidea Park, Romford, ignored the lights and continued driving. Police then set up a road block before her. The woman eventually pulled over eight miles into a dual carriageway after the pursuing officer got out of his car and ran alongside her, knocking on her window.
After being stopped, the pensioner reportedly said: "Why, what have I done?"
Turner appeared at Colchester Magistrates' Court, where she admitted driving without due care and attention and failing to stop when asked by police.
Bench chairman Barry Wheatcroft banned her from driving for a year, telling her: "The safety of the public is paramount, and your driving yesterday was a demonstration of driving which was careless bordering on dangerous."
Turner was also told to pay £200 in fines and costs.

Saturday 29 October 2011

Nuts To You!

Squirrel shows his nuts on Great British Bake Off

well-endowed squirrel has become a surprise internet hit after showing off what he's got on the BBC TV show 'The Great British Bake Off.'
Viewers who were watching Jo Wheatley being crowned winner of the show on BBC2 were shocked when the massive testicled squirrel suddenly appeared on screen.
In the brief clip -- which was played between baking footage -- the squirrel can be seen turning to camera and proudly displaying his huge nuts.
Minutes after the clip during the grand final, fans on Twitter were discussing squirrel anatomy rather than cakes and presenter Sue Perkins tweeted: "This week's GBBO features a shot of a squirrel with outsized nuts. Trust me, they are anatomically DAZZLING.

Friday 28 October 2011

Ah……The Welsh!!!

Storm over 'English' term WC on roadsigns in Wales

It is a term recognized around the world offering relief for those with a very basic need - but not, it seems, in one corner of Wales.

Although the origins of the abbreviation “WC” are English, it has been adopted into everyday usage in German, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian and even French.
But now councillors in Gwynedd, north Wales, are being asked to justify the decision to include the term on roadsigns in the area.
The issue is due to be debated at the next meeting of the county council’s “language sub committee” following a complaint about the use of the non Welsh initials, short for water closet.
Officials have already been in touch with the Highways Agency amid fears that the term could become an unlikely rallying point for nationalist sentiment.
The dispute hinges on the use of the abbreviation on a sign on a roundabout on a new £35 million Porthmadog bypass advising motorists about a nearby public convenience.
There was controversy recently over a £650,000 bridge being built over the same bypass to help bats cross the road.
The agenda for the committee’s next meeting, on October 11, includes time for discussion about a complaint about the use of the phrase without the Welsh translation “toiled”.
A column setting out areas for discussion discloses that the council’s regulatory department has already been advised that WC is a “symbol” used as standard on all UK signs.
It calls for members of the committee to offer their comments.
Eric Jones, an independent member of the Plaid Cymru dominated committee said the complaint was bound to provoke discussion.
“Every complaint is discussed, they say we have got to do this, we’ve got to do that, we’ve got to write to these people,” he said
Mr Jones, who is a Welsh speaker himself, added: “There is nothing wrong with WC, we all understand what WC means and all of my family do but somebody else might have a different view … I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody does not agree with it.”

Thursday 27 October 2011


Rutting deer a problem in urban areas

Increasing numbers of deer living in towns and cities are causing havoc this autumn as the rutting wild animals get tangled up with garden fences, hedgerows and even washing lines.

Deer numbers in Britain are at their highest level since the Norman invasion with two million roaming the countryside thanks to warmer winters - meaning more survive - and the introduction of new species.
However, stags at this time of year fight each to establish the alpha male - and are honing their butting skiills on everyday objects in urban areas.
They will attack flapping plastic bags stuck on a fence posts and hedges to "practice" fighting and then become entangled, The Deer Initiative has warned.
This can leaves them stuck - or with rubbish entwined in their antlers.
And they also charge fences or trees to remove itchy velvet from the antlers as they grow.
The stags roam around alone until they find another male, then they fight with their antlers, often to the death.
During this time stags are aggressive and have been known to charge dogs and even humans.
Red deer and fallow, that have larger antlers than introduced species like muntjac, are a particular problem.
The dominant stag will eventually re-join the herd to mate with the females.
Peter Watson, Director of the Deer Initiative, said because there are more deer in populated areas, where there is more human litter, they are more likely to get tangled in netting packaging or silage wrapping.
In the countryside it is common for deer to get antlers tangled in thorn bushes or even with each other.
He has seen deer with rotary washing lines stuck to their antlers.
“Deer are living closer than ever to urban areas. There are more deer therefore people are seeing more deer and more incidences [where animals become tangled].”
The Deer Initiative, which is a partnership between the Government, private sector and charities, is working with landowners to carry out culls in areas where the deer population is causing a problem.
Deer have been blamed for road traffic accidents and damaging woodland where rare native species like nightingales and bluebells live.
Currently around 350,000 deer are killed in Britain every year, mostly by rifle, but it could be increased to 500,000.
Warmer winters, no natural predators, a fall in the number of people hunting and year-round crops are blamed for the increase in deer numbers.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Puppy Love?

Puppy saves swimmer from drowning

A British puppy was hailed a hero after alerting his owner to a swimmer in difficulty.
A British puppy has been hailed a hero after summoning help for a drowning man.
Wilson spotted the swimmer in difficulty near Mumbles Lighthouse in Swansea and his barking attracted the attention of his owner lifeboat volunteer Richard Absalom who immediately jumped into action.
Mr. Absalom said: "Wilson does not like water, but he ran to the edge of the water and started barking. He was focused on a guy drifting between the two islands. It was after high tide and he was being dragged through. It's perhaps one of the worst places to swim - there is a funnelling effect."
"At first we could not see the guy. We were worried he had gone under, but he had made his way onto the rocks.
"He was exhausted, and was very grateful. He kept apologising. We reassured him, and asked him if needed medical attention."
Mumbles lifeboat operations manager Tim Conway said: "It's not every day we act on information from a pet but we're looking forward to welcoming Wilson to the Mumbles lifeboat family as he is showing plenty of potential!"

Tuesday 25 October 2011

On Holiday!

Penguin spotted on Hampshire beach

Day-trippers enjoying the heatwave on a Hampshire beach were stunned to spot a lost penguin frolicking in the waves.
It's believed it was a jackass penguin which normally makes its home in South Africa, 6,000 miles away, reports The Sun.
Visitors to Southsea beach, near Portsmouth, filmed the penguin diving in and out of the waves.
Joanne Gordon, 35, of Aldershot, said: "I couldn't believe it when I saw it swimming around away just six foot from me."
Earlier, the bird is said to have been seen waddling around the harbour to the surprise of onlookers.

Monday 24 October 2011

Only The French!!

French schools ordered to ration ketchup

Schools in France have been ordered to limit the amount of ketchup served in cafeterias in order to preserve the nation's cultural identity.
French schools have been ordered to ration ketchup in their cafeterias in order to preserve the cultural identity of their pupils.
Christophe Hebert, chairman of the National Association of Directors of Collective Restaurants says the new measures are an attempt to stop children from getting addicted to fattening junk food and also aims to help pupils to learn more about French cuisine.
He said: "Canteens have a public health mission but also an educative mission. We have to ensure that children become familiar with French recipes so that they can hand them down to the following generation.
"They need to know that in France food means conviviality, sharing and having a good time at the table. We absolutely have to stop children from being able to serve those sorts of sauces to themselves with every meal."
Under the new guidelines, fries can only be served once a week and broccoli and spinach must be encouraged.

Sunday 23 October 2011

What A Load Of Balls!!

Council spends £40,000 on 68 giant granite balls

A county council has been criticised for spending £40,000 on 68 giant granite balls to protect its new headquarters from ram-raiders and terrorists.

Tory-run Staffordshire County Council has positioned 'spherical bollards' costing £587 each outside its £38 million Staffordshire Place offices.
They have been described by the council as part of "an essential security package" - yet regular upright bollards are on sale for less than half the cost of the balls.
But Councillor Tom Harris, whose Forebridge ward takes in Stafford town centre, said: "I would have expected a cheaper option than the spherical bollards.
"The council says it will make savings from the move but they are spending nearly £40 million to save £10 million.
"Staffordshire Place was dreamed up at a time when money was growing on trees.
"But we are in a different situation now. There have been redundancies and a lot of other changes.
"I think a lot of taxpayers in Staffordshire will be asking whether the council is getting the best value for its money."
County Councillor Christina Jebb, who is leader of the Liberal Democrat and independent group, said: "These balls seem extraordinarily expensive. I'm sure they could have provided something very similar for a fraction of the cost.
"Obviously they will want to make the outside of the building attractive as well as the inside but they could have been a lot more measured."
Accounts clerk Shoab Iftikar, 24, said: "It seems like a waste of money to me. Why would anyone want to attack the Staffordshire County Council?"
Housewife June Hardinge, 58, remarked: "I don't think they are very pretty and it does give the feel of the council building being like Fort Knox or something.
"I can't see the council offices being a target for ram-raiders. Wouldn't they be targeting a bank?"
Peter Darby, 42, said: "Stafford is hardly a number one target for terrorists."
The council worked with Staffordshire Police to decide how many bollards it needed.
Councillor Mark Winnington, cabinet member for environment and assets, said: "The stone bollards surrounding Staffordshire Place are part of an essential security package designed to protect the building and its occupants from threats, including ram raids.
"Some of the options we were given were more expensive than the one we decided on while others were less expensive.
"Our main priority was to provide value for money for taxpayers. We wanted to provide sturdy protection while also ensuring that the area surrounding the building was aesthetically pleasing.
"Staffordshire Place sits in the heart of Stafford and forms an integral part of the town centre masterplan to put Stafford on the map."
A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: "These bollards are designed to prevent crime."

Saturday 22 October 2011

What A Pong!!

Woman charged in perfume assault
A couple was assaulted by a woman who blasted them with perfume in a local home.
A 25-year-old woman was arrested Friday night and charged with two counts of assault with a weapon and administering a noxious substance after an altercation about 7 p.m. with the couple in their 40s.
Police said the younger woman went to the residence and all three got into an argument that escalated when the younger woman punched the older woman.
The 25-year-old then produced a can of aerosol perfume and sprayed both the man and woman.
Medical attention was required to flush out both victims' eyes.
The parties all knew each other and the accused was arrested a short time later.

Friday 21 October 2011

Don’t Peep!

Showering 'women' shock shoppers

A shopping mall stunned passers-by in China with a window display which appeared to feature three young women taking a shower.
The unusual window display attracted crowds outside the store, in downtown Lanzhou, western China's Gansu Province, reports local media.
Most people needed to look twice before they realised that the 'women' were actually mannequins.
And the clothes which had seemingly been draped over the shower doors were actually the latest fashions which the store was trying to promote.
One passer-by commented: "I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought they were real women at first. It certainly caught my attention!"
A spokesman for the Xi Dan Mall said: "We wanted to attract more people, especially young people, to shop in our store during the national holiday.
"It certainly seems to have worked - we had a lot more people coming into the shop to check what it was all about."

Thursday 20 October 2011

Mamma Mia!!

Scottish woman wakes up with Italian accent

Momma Mia! A woman in Glasgow says she woke up woke up with an Italian accent after suffering a stroke.

Debbie McCann couldn't speak straight away after the stroke and when her voice came back people said it sounded Chinese.
But after a while it became more Italian-sounding -- and 48-year-old Debbie says people are now constantly asking her where she's from.
It's thought she could be suffering from Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare condition thought to affect just 60 people around the world.
Debbie says the condition is so bad she's embarrassed to speak to people… it must have been a while since she called for a takeaway pizza.

Wednesday 19 October 2011


Ex-Model Who Killed and Ate Hubby Seeks Parole

A former model who killed, cooked and ate her husband 20 years ago will make a bid for freedom next week.
Omaima Aree Nelson is slated to appear before a California parole board to plead for an early release from Chowchilla State Prison, where she is serving 27 years to life, according to KTLA-TV.
Nelson killed her 56-year-old husband, William Nelson, over Thanksgiving weekend in 1991, just amonth after they married. She had come to the U.S. five years earlier from Egypt, where she worked as a model and nanny.
"It was the most gruesome case I saw," Former Costa Mesa Police Sgt. Bob Phillips told the Los Angeles Times. "She did not seem like a person that was coherent."
At the time of her arrest, Phillips told the Times, "Omaima Nelson is the most bizarre and sick individual I've had the occasion to meet. No one needs to look to the Dahmers of Milwaukee or the Hannibal Lecters of the screen. A new predator has emerged, named Omaima."
Nelson claimed at trial she had been abused and her husband had raped her the night before she killed him in their Costa Mesa apartment, according to the Los Angeles Times. After murdering him, Nelson boiled her husband's head on the stove and fried his hands in oil, the Daily Pilot reported.
She once admitted, but now denies, dipping his body in barbecue sauce. Neighbors at the time said the garbage disposal was on for "a long time" and "constant chopping sounds" were coming from the home, according to the Daily Pilot newspaper.
"Of course, she says that [she doesn't remember] because the parole board doesn't want to let a cannibal out," Senior Deputy District Attorney Randy Pawloski told the Daily Pilot.
Nelson offered ex-boyfriends $75,000 to help her dispose of some of the body parts, according to police. She found no takers and was arrested Dec. 2, 1991, after police found trash bags containing human body parts in the couple's apartment and in the victim's Corvette.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

I Just Give Up!!

Woman, 67, abandons her car after getting stuck reversing out of car park

A woman in Warsaw, Poland, abandoned her car after she jammed it between two walls trying to reverse away from a car park.

Wiola Nowicka, 67, attempted to turn around in the car park's narrow driveway once she noticed the high prices she would have to pay.
Nowicka's bad sense of judgement resulted in the driveway being blocked for five hours, as her car was wedged between the driveway walls.
'I didn't mean to be a nuisance,' said Nowicka. 'After a few turns I couldn't go backwards or forwards any more.'
Engineers were able to get the car out from the tight space, with careful inch by inch precision.
Nowicka isn't the only driver over 50, to have misjudged at the wheel.
Earlier this year, an 86-year-old Californian woman crashed her car through the Rock N' Road cycling shop, narrowly missing customers.
Authorities discovered that the woman had hit the accelerator pedal by mistake, instead of the break.
Lucky no one was hurt in either of the incidents.

Monday 17 October 2011

Land Rover Driving??

Two beach patrol Land Rovers submerged by high tide

A beach safety team send a Land Rover to rescue their own stranded buggy - only for both vehicles to become submerged as the tide came in.

First the patrol's six-wheel buggy became stranded a mile out from Cleethorpes Pier, NE Lincs, and then when the team's yellow Land Rover was dispatched to rescue them it got stranded as well.
The embarrassed officers, who walked to safety as the tide came in, called for the Cleethorpes Lifeboat for help, which was refused.
The farce unfolded at about 4pm on Thursday as sun seekers flocked to the seaside resort and saw the buggy and Land Rover get stuck and then submerged by the waves.
Lifeboat station manager Jack Barlow said: "They took their little buggy out and that got stuck in the mud, so they sent their Land Rover to get it out.
"It was just doing its normal patrols. They go out there all the time, but they went further out this time because of the big tides at this time of year.
"It's unfortunate, but we couldn't send our tractor out to that part of the beach because the sand is really unstable.
"Our tractor weighs 6.9 tonnes and if that got stuck, there is nothing in this town that would pull it out.
"If we lost our tractor then people's lives would be at risk and then there's the cost of replacing it. If it had been in a different position, we would have pulled them out.
"We've pulled the Land Rover out twice in one week before, so we are not averse to helping them."
Members of the Beach Safety Team declined to comment.

Sunday 16 October 2011

Up A Welsh Mountain!

4x4 abandoned on Snowdon for second time in a month

A 4x4 vehicle has been abandoned near the top of Mount Snowdon for the second time in a month, this time with a 'For Sale' sign in the window.

The Vauxhall Frontera was found near the visitors' centre at the highest peak in England and Wales yesterday morning.
It is thought to be the same car which was left near the 3,560ft summit on September 3.
The vehicle's owner, Craig Anthony Williams, 39, from Cheltenham, was charged with dangerous driving and is due in court next week.
Witnesses have said the car had a sign placed in the windscreen which claimed it was to be sold on an internet auction site in aid of the local mountain rescue teams.
Ian Henderson, secretary of Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team, said: ''Even if it is auctioned for the charity we could not accept the donation as this the result of an illegal act.
''Clearly we are unhappy that a car was driven up Snowdon and it presents all the authorities and those who care about the mountain with a very serious problem - how to remove it safely.
''Snowdon is a mountain for all of us to enjoy and it is not a playground for motorists.''
Snowdonia National Park Authority chief executive Aneurin Phillips said: ''This irresponsible behaviour is totally unacceptable and I urge the police to prosecute the offender and impound and dispose of the vehicle.''
A spokeswoman for North Wales Police added: ''North Wales Police received a report just before 10.30am yesterday that a 4x4 vehicle was on Snowdon, parked near the visitors centre at the summit.
''Police inquiries are under way.
''North Wales Police are working with the train operator to ensure the safety of other mountain users.''
The National Park said the car is unlikely to be removed today.
A spokesman said its positioning, close to the railway buildings, was causing "some difficulty".
He said: "We will be speaking to the Snowdon Mountain Railway, police and rescue teams about the best way to remove the vehicle.
"This could take some time."

Saturday 15 October 2011

Hey…..It’s Free Yogi!!!

Bear gobbles up pies at B.C. pizza joint
Andrea Lawrance is used to customers having growling tummies.
But this unexpected visitor had a bear-size case of the munchies.
Lawrance was washing dishes at Fat Tony's Pizza in Whistler, B.C. Monday night when a furry four-legged customer with a big appetite arrived about 7:30 p.m. for some grub.
"I was working with my friend Jorja and there was a bear outside on our garbage can," Lawrance.
She and co-worker Jorja Threlsall tried to close the door but decided to seek refuge behind the pizza racks as the black bear ripped apart the garbage can in front of them.
While they wondered whether the curious critter was going to cross their threshold, suddenly it wandered into the store to another garbage can inside.

But it turned out, it wasn't the garbage can it wanted after all.
This bear had its eye on the pie.
"It decided to climb on the counter and put its arms up and steal the pizza and started to eat it," Lawrance said, adding it could only get its front of its body up because it couldn't quite get a grip on the stainless steel.
A native of B.C., Lawrance said she is used to seeing bears -- just not those that prefer in-store dining.
"It was kind of freaky," she said.
"Our first thought was to scare it out."
The girls moved behind the door to hide while about 20 spectators outside started snapping pictures and taking video of the hungry bear.
After trying to scare it out of the store without success, they all watched as the bear demolished four pizzas in half an hour.
"It ate all four pizzas," she said.
"The one he loved the most was beef and blue cheese."
After polishing off the pizzas, which also included cheeseburger and vegetarian, the bear finally left once the girls made some noise.
But the pizza must have been paws-itively delicious, as the bruin came back for more.
"At 10:30 p.m. he came back and we called the cops," she said.
"Then he came around 2 a.m."
But by then, they had closed for the night.

Friday 14 October 2011

Fight For Your Country?

Bus ignores war veteran, 98

A bus company has apologised after a partially sighted war veteran was repeatedly ignored at a bus stop.
Joseph Munroe, 98, from North Shields is registered blind, and lives alone.
He claims that his local service refused to pick him up claiming he was abusing his bus pass.
A Nexus spokesperson said: "We're very sorry for the experience Mr Munroe has had. If there is a particular problem with a driver, we want it sorting out quickly."
He added: "We've been in contact with the bus company that provide this service on our behalf to make sure in the future Mr Munroe is always picked up."
The problems occurred on the 333, a service in North Shields which runs in a loop. Mr Munroe said he sometimes boarded the bus in the wrong direction when it was cold in order to stay warm.
He said a driver then told him, "you're not coming on this bus, wait for the next one", and that since then the bus had driven past him at the bus stop.
Mr Munroe said: "I'm speaking to Nexus myself to get this sorted.
"First one driver told me I couldn't get on, so I called up and made a complaint, and now [two] drivers on the route have told me I'm barred."

Thursday 13 October 2011

Watch Out For “The Hunt”!!!

UK Will Hunt File-Sharing Outlaws

Jeremy Hunt, the UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, suggested to force all search engines and Internet service providers to apply more and more blocking filters to copyright content.
He believes it’s mandatory to consider all options against illegal online services, because online file-sharing threatens the freedoms and rights of content creators to be rewarded fairly. Jeremy Hunt implied that the United Kingdom might ask search engines and broadband providers to join the fight against piracy more seriously than ever. He claimed that they have to consider all options to make life more difficult for websites ignoring the legislation. That’s why he suggested to put a responsibility on search engines and Internet service providers to take reasonable steps to prevent access to websites that a court has deemed containing illegal material or promoting unauthorized distribution of material.
Hunt also suggested that a “cross-industry body” can be set up to identify violating sites against which action should be taken. The activity of such body can be supported by “streamlined legal process”, which would also help the courts to act more quickly. Finally, voluntary agreements are welcomed to be modified to fight copyright violation. In case such measures can’t be established right now, the country’s government should propose new measures.
Earlier this year, Hunt claimed that the British government would reconsider the present communications legislation. As a result, this past spring the same government launched a consultation between the authorities, the media and communications businesses. The consultation involved telephone providers, TV, radio and Internet publishers, who hoped to receive some feedback about the changes they’ve made. The results of the now closed consultation were supposed to be employed to inform proposals for a Communication Bill in order to help build new communications law applicable in 2015.
In his speech Hunt insisted that it’s vital for freedoms and legislation to apply equally on the Internet as they do in the physical world. He pointed out that the British don’t allow selling some products in the shops on the high street, and therefore they shouldn’t allow shops to be set up to sell illegal content. That’s why the UK should do whatever it can to make it more difficult to access websites involved in illegal file-sharing.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Come To The Land Of Plenty!!!

Police refuse to tackle burglary suspects at travellers’ site 'over health and safety fears’

Police refused to raid a travellers’ camp where suspected thieves were hiding because the officers were worried about breaking health and safety rules.

The suspects had allegedly burgled a farm and Sean Stanley, 27, and his father Paul assumed that retrieving their stolen property would be straightforward, having followed the getaway vehicle and shown it to the team of five officers.
But the police declined to enter the camp and seize the van, insisting that they first had to carry out a “risk assessment”.
The Stanleys offered to do the job for them but were warned they would be arrested if they approached the site.
Northamptonshire Police yesterday admitted that no arrests had been made and that the vehicle and stolen property had not yet been seized following the alleged burglary on Sunday.
The Stanleys chased the thieves after their arable farm near Wootton, Northants, was raided around 10pm.
Undeterred by one suspects allegedly brandishing a shotgun as they sped off, they tracked down their van at a travellers’ site 10 miles away.
Officers arrived at Ecton Lane Travellers Site, a legal, council-owned camp near Northampton, and the Stanleys pointed out the vehicle, hoping to recover their property, stolen vehicle parts.
Sean Stanley said: “I followed them to the traveller site and could see the vehicle from the road.
“I gave police the licence plate and showed them where it was. I gave police everything on a plate but they said they had to carry out a risk assessment.
“I understand there is protocol but they are the police and should be used to dealing with things like this.
“They were scared, they wouldn’t go in. We could see the van so my dad and I said we would go and get it and we were told we would be arrested.”
His father added: “It’s a very sad situation when the police aren’t prepared to confront a situation like this.”
The burglars stole an aluminium flat bed container, wheels and bumpers from one of the farm’s lorries worth around £1,500, the Stanleys claim.
They were also attempting to steal headlights, bumpers and wheels from another vehicle on the farm when they were disturbed by a neighbour, it is alleged. The raid was the second in four months at the farm.
Northamptonshire Police said that three police officers entered the camp in the early hours on Monday but decided not to risk seizing the suspects’ vehicle.
A spokesman said: “Three police officers did enter the site at Ecton Lane and located the suspect vehicle but an assessment was made not to recover the vehicle in the early hours of this morning.
“There were various issues. It was very early in the morning and we had not spoken to the witness to the burglary at that time.
“No arrests have been made but detectives are investigating the matter and we have now taken a full statement from the victim. A complaint has been made by the victim about the decision not to recover the vehicle and this also is being investigated.
“We are reviewing whether the decision made was proportionate to the information we had been given.”
The Stanleys also complained they felt the police response was inadequate, given that one of the thieves had threatened them with a shotgun.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Cover Up…..Please!

Rihanna: get off my land and find God, farmer tells singer

But when she chose to shoot her latest video on a farm in Northern Ireland, she found one man immune to her charms.
Farmer Alan Graham, 61, was so shocked to see the singer in his barley field wearing a red bikini that he pulled up his tractor, objected to her “inappropriate state of undress” and called a swift halt to proceedings.
While a meeting with Rihanna would be the stuff of dreams for most red-blooded males, Mr Graham instructed her to brush up on her Bible reading before sending her on her way.
“If someone wants to borrow my field and things become inappropriate, then I say, ‘Enough is enough’,” he explained yesterday.
“I wish no ill will against Rihanna and her friends. Perhaps they could acquaint themselves with a greater God.”
The father-of-four and Democratic Unionist Party alderman for North Down Borough Council had given permission for the filming on his 60 acres of land in Clandeboye, outside Bangor. The Barbadian singer was shooting a video for her new single, We Found Love.
“I never heard of Rihanna until someone called me requesting the use of my land. Someone explained she was as big as it gets as far as pop stars were concerned, but I’m a bit illiterate about those issues. I’m a bit long in the tooth for all that,” said Mr Graham.
Traffic ground to a halt on the nearby A2 as proceedings got under way, with Rihanna, 23, wearing a demure checked dress.
However, when Mr Graham drove past later in the shoot he was horrified to find that the singer had disrobed.
“Most of the video took place in a field adjacent to a main road, which was a public place. It was when the film crew went to a further away field that I felt things were becoming inappropriate and I asked for the filming to stop,” he said.
If the singer was wearing swimwear, it was unlike any that Mr Graham had encountered before. “I felt Rihanna was in more of a state of undress than a bikini top,” he said. One photograph of the shoot appeared to show her topless.
Mr Graham, a devout Christian, thought it time to impart some advice.
“I had a conversation with Rihanna and I hope she understands where I’m coming from. Everybody needs to be acquainted with God and to consider his son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and his death and Resurrection.
“I hope she understands where I’m coming from. We shook hands and parted on good terms.”
Rihanna, who has made a name for herself with provocative dance routines, is playing three sell-out shows at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena this weekend but Mr Graham has no plans to attend. He has not been paid for the curtailed shoot.
“There was no firm arrangement. I have not received any payment and I don’t know if I will,” he said.

Monday 10 October 2011

Eat Up or Else!!

Restaurant fines diners for leftovers

A Saudi restaurant has started fining diners if they order more than they can eat.
Fahad Al Anezi, owner of the Marmar Restaurant in the city of Dammam, said he wanted to avoid wasting food.
He also wanted to encourage customers to be less extravagant with their orders, reports Gulf News.
"There are many clients who make large orders in order to impress the people around them and boost their social prestige," he said.
Diners were made to pay an extra charge which was decided depending on how much food they left, he added.

Sunday 9 October 2011

Here’s A Banking Offer!

Open an account, get a free AK-47
A Florida company is giving away free AK-47s to new customers who sign up for its credit-card-processing service., based in Sarasota, isn't packing heat at its offices, though. New customers will get a voucher, to be used "towards the purchase of a firearm at any reputable gun shop where you must go through the proper background checks and waiting period that the law requires," according to the Florida blog, The Pulp.
The voucher can also be redeemed for cash.
Only businesses that open an account for 15 or more stores and do more than $1 million in volume get the bonus of the $750 assault rifle.
Businesses that only have one store and do $100,000 in volume get a $50 voucher.

Saturday 8 October 2011

Breast Is Best??

Man goes on breast milk diet

A man has gone on a diet of breast milk because he prefers the taste and finds it helps his digestives problems.
A first-time father is going on a diet of breast milk.
The blogger - who is identified only as Curtis - wants to see how long he can survive on the product because he and wife Katie have "hundreds of bottles" of the frozen milk in the freezer and he doesn't want them to go to waste.
Writing on, he wrote: "I am a first time father of a 9-month-old baby girl. Naturally I was curious what breast milk tastes like, as I am sure most people are.
"Fresh breast milk is sweeter and a bit more watery than cow milk. The breast milk also helped settle my stomach after having some digestive problems. I prefer the taste of breast milk over cow milk.
"My wife has hundreds of bottles of frozen breast milk in the freezer that our baby will never have a chance to drink before they get too old. Since breast milk is healthy and we have plenty of it, why not just drink it all myself?"
Katie looked into donating her spare frozen breast milk but the couple were unable to give it away.

Friday 7 October 2011


Getting to the bottom of the latest craze

A new fad for 'Scarlett Johanssoning' - posing partially naked in front of a mirror - is the latest craze on Facebook.
It comes after images purportedly showing the actress holding a towel with her bottom reflected in a mirror appeared online.
Since then, dozens of imitators have posted their own snaps recreating the pose on the social networking website.
They are collected on a special page - called 'scarlett johanssoning' - on Facebook.
As well as predictably glamourous snaps of semi-naked women, they include some tongue-in-cheek attempts to recreate the photo.
A Barbie doll, Ernie from Sesame Street, Paddington bear, Donald Duck, a pug dog and even a painting of President Obama are pictured in similar poses.
Reports surfaced earlier this year that hackers had stolen nude photos from up to 50 celebrities, including Miss Johansson, after breaking into their email accounts.
The FBI is currently investigating the hacking attack and is said to be closing in on those responsible.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Enoughs Enough!

Parents call lawyers to evict 41-year-old son

A couple in Italy have sought legal advice to evict their 41-year-old son.
Law firm Adico has sent the son a letter asking him to leave within six days if he wants to avoid the matter being taken to court, according to Italian media.
The father said: "We cannot do it anymore. My wife is suffering from stress and had to be hospitalised. He has a good job, but still lives at home.
"He demands that his clothes be washed and ironed, and his meals prepared. He really has no intention of leaving."
Should the son ignore the warning letter, the lawyers plan to file a protection order request on behalf of the parents against him.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

No Sense Of Humour?

Satirical blog angers the Maldives

The Maldives has complained after a satirical blog claimed the island nation was to be omitted from the Times Atlas of the World.
It was written after scientists said the new edition of the Times Atlas had exaggerated the scale of ice-cover reduction in Greenland.
Climate change sceptic James Delingpole, in a Daily Telegraph blog, said the next edition would omit low-lying areas, such as the Maldives.
The spoof blog post was taken seriously by several media outlets in the Maldives, which is at risk from rising sea levels, reports the BBC.
Mr Delingpole's blog said the atlas would continue its "Climate Change alarmism", by completely erasing the Maldives, Tuvalu and "major parts of Bangladesh".
He quoted a fictitious "spokesman" for the atlas as saying that in map-making, "emotional truth" was more important than actual truth.
The Maldives' acting high commissioner in London has written to the Daily Telegraph's editor seeking a clarification and apology.
He said the post had implied that his country's climate change plight was a con-trick, and this, he said, was despicable and hurtful.
However, he added that Maldivians had as strong a sense of humour as anyon

Tuesday 4 October 2011


Ilfracombe? I still think it's a dump, says tourist put off by fish

A tourist who caused outrage in north Devon by complaining that a working harbour “smells of fish” now claims that his critics need their eyes tested.

When in a hole, David Copp just keeps on digging and has insisted that Ilfracombe is a “dump”. The father of two tells the local newspaper that people who like the seaside resort should “go to Specsavers”.
His outburst began when he complained to the harbour master that the “nauseating stench” from crates of dead fish at the harbourside spoiled his holiday and left his children “distressed”.
His comments led to a barrage of complaints from locals who asked him what he expected from a working harbour and accused him of wanting a sanitised version of a fishing village.
Instead of taking the criticism on the chin, Mr Copp, 46, from Brighton, came out fighting. He contacted the local newspaper and launched a stinging tirade.
“A lot of the comments that have been made are pretty unsympathetic, saying that Ilfracombe is a working harbour, but it is not much of a harbour,” he said. “I think it is a complete joke. If they call that picturesque, they need their eyes tested
“The high street and top of the town is a complete dump. I suggest they go to Specsavers.”
Mr Copp said that he had been to other, much nicer harbours, such as Brixham, south Devon. And they did not smell.
“I’ve been to other harbours and they are picturesque with proper facilities,” he said. “But Ilfracombe is simply not fit for purpose and smelt atrocious.”
He said that he would have felt differently if he had received an apology but all he had received were “excuses”. He also claimed that a trawler moored in the harbour, The Lady of Lundy, was surrounded by flies and had given off a foul smell for “at least eight hours”.
“I was fuming, and the harbour master didn’t do anything to sort the problem out,” he said. “One of the men on the trawlers had tattoos and looked dodgy so it doesn’t surprise me.”
Mr Copp, a former fish and chip shop owner, was staying with his family in nearby Woolacombe.
They visited Ilfracombe for the day and were “confronted” with the smell. He said: “They should have made some effort to hide them or cover them up. The children didn’t like it there, it stank.”
Mr Copp said his home town Brighton was his favourite British seaside resort.
“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. It is so cosmopolitan and friendly. You wouldn’t get smelly fish lying around.”
Tony Rutherford, the managing director of nearby Bideford Fisheries, said most tourists visited the area to see how the fishing industry worked.
“Seeing us in action is considered a tourist attraction in these parts,” he said.
The Ilfracombe harbour master, Rob Lawson, said the trawler was being unloaded when Mr Copp complained.
“This is generally considered an asset because visitors can get a feel for how the industry works,” he said. “My response to him was: 'I’m sorry but you shouldn’t be taking your children to a harbour if that is how they react to dead fish.’ ”
Andrea Beacham, the town centre manager, said Ilfracombe had “charm”.
“It’s got the charm of the working harbour which is one of people’s favourite things when they visit,” she said. “Ilfracombe is quirky, it is unique and it is individual.”

Monday 3 October 2011

Only In France!!

French Boy Digs Up Jar of Severed Fingers

A French boy dug up a glass jar and found a grisly surprise inside: four severed fingers.
The seven-year-old boy was playing behind the gym of his school in Chilly-Mazarin, a suburb south of Paris, when he saw the jar sticking out of the ground, according to Reuters. He dug it out of the earth and saw four partially decomposed fingers floating in alcohol.
"With time the jar must have risen to the surface and the fingers were found in well-preserved condition," the police spokeswoman said.
Once the story got out, word came back that the missing digits had belonged to a local carpenter who had lost them in a woodworking accident. They couldn't be reattached, so the victim, who is still alive, buried them.

Sunday 2 October 2011

Sleeping Beauty?

Burglar caught after falling asleep on bed

A burglar has been arrested after the home's occupiers returned to find him sleeping on a bed.
The incident happened in Wichita when the man, 35, broke into the couple's residence.
The man started to collect various expensive items before he chose to take a shower.
After washing himself, he got into bed and fell asleep.
A lieutenant from the Wichita Police Department stated: "He had broken into the residence, began gathering items of value around the house, took a shower and then fell asleep.
"He then was awoken when the individuals came home."

Saturday 1 October 2011

Not Another?

Australian Entertainment Industry Called Piracy Main Enemy

An outfit named Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation (IPAF) is an organization engaged in fighting file-sharing. This outfit has recently commissioned a new research in order to demonstrate the only indicator: how much online piracy is hurting movie and television industry.
The survey revealed that 55% of the respondents said they did download copyrighted material from different file-sharing networks, including BitTorrent trackers. Meanwhile, the chief executive officer of Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation pointed out that public actually loves their entertainment, because people are seen to participate very actively in downloading content like films and TV shows. However, they don’t see any boundaries, let alone responsibilities, and they are also opportunistic, taking it any way they are able to.
The report came as no surprise, because such kind of researches always involves dramatic figures in order to justify eventual future draconian measures. For instance, a report published by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) claimed that online piracy of entertainment content is responsible for losses of $1.37 billion to the economy of Australia. In addition, unauthorized file-sharing can also be blamed for resulting in the loss of over 6,000 jobs annually. The results of the report in question also claimed that approximately 90 million pirated copies of films have been shared through peer-to-peer networks within the specified period. Although a lot of industry observers are sure that the results of such researches are usually fraudulent, the governments take it seriously and pass new pro-copyright laws violating basic human rights in favor of multinational corporations.