Thursday, 12 December 2013


Man makes VW Beetle - out of wood

A retired Volkswagen worker has carved himself a unique VW Beetle - out of wood.

Momir Bojic made everything from the bonnet to the gearstick in his garden workshop - with help from understanding wife Nada.

The couple created wooden pedals, wheel caps, bumpers, signal lamps, tail-lights, wipers, door mirrors, steering wheel, parcel shelf, dashboard, clock and even the radio aerial.

The bodywork features thousands of thumbnail-sized, finely sliced sections of oak designed to replicate the wooden-tiled roofs of Mr Bojic's homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Each tile involved a process involving no less than 23 separate procedures, including cutting, chamfering, bevelling, drilling and smoothing, before they could be applied to the vehicle.

Mr Bojic, who worked at a Volkswagen Transporter manufacturing plant in Hanover, spotted the 1975 Beetle for sale at a fair and got a metalwork company to take off the roof, doors and strip the chassis.

He said: "I told my wife Nada that I was none too sure exactly what I was going to do with this addition to the household, but whatever decision I came to it would be something original and worthwhile."

The painstaking task to transform the VW took 18 months, with the determined couple working morning, noon and night in order to get it finished.

Mr Bojic, who is in his 60s, said: "I was intending to undertake the task by myself, but after my wife saw the amount of effort involved she felt I was crazy to try and do it all on my own."

And he is already planning his next project, adding: "I've an idea in mind; something along the lines of a sporty looking car with dual rocket-style pods and, of course, trimmed throughout with thousands of pieces of wood

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