Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Not Christmas PC!!

Ho No No! Offensive Christmas light display angers neighbours

Most Christmas messages are about happiness and joy, but not for one Louisiana woman.

Denham Springs resident Sarah Childs has directed an offensive light display at her neighbours for the second year running, putting up a Christmas light arrangement on her roof displaying two very festive extended middle-fingers.

The controversial display propelled Ms Childs into the media spotlight last year after the police threatened to arrest her, causing her to team up with the American Civil Liberties
Union of Louisiana to fight for her right to show the display.

She successfully sued the city and won the right to be able to continue with her festive message.

Now, much to the dismay of her angry neighbours, she has done it again. Ms Childs was inundated with furious calls from neighbours soon after she put up the display on Monday.

Shortly after, someone cut down the lights from her roof.

Ms Childs, who suspects it was a neighbour, told local media: ‘They went on my roof, cut them all up, cut everything up. They did the firing shot. It’s on.’

The middle-finger message is the result of a long-standing dispute between Ms Childs and a neighbour named Kayla Weldon.

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