Sunday, 1 December 2013

What A Pong!!

Kennel No. 5 and Old Spike: Dogs sniff out new scents

Dog owners are increasingly splashing their pets in specialist perfumes, with names such as Duke and Old Spike

Traditionally, it has been the Christmas gift of last resort, offered by those at a loss for more imaginative ideas.

But it will not only be wives and teenage nephews with perfume and cologne wrapped up beneath the tree this year: many of the nation’s dogs will also have that fate awaiting them.

Several ranges of dog fragrances are on sale to cash in on the Christmas market, with products which – like the human versions – come complete with baffling names and promotional campaigns.

One pet accessory firm, Butch and Bess has unveiled a new range of “his and hers” “Eau de Dog”.

The “for him” grooming spray is perfumed by cedarwood, basil and vetiver essential oils. The “for her” version features jasmine, mandarin and ylang.

The “natural spritz fragrances” – which cost £10 for 250ml bottles – also include aloe vera juice, oat kernel extract and argan oil, and the company says they have a PH balance which “simply promotes a naturally healthy skin and coat”.

The “Santa Paws” fragrances are to be officially launched at a vet show at London’s Olympia next weekend, alongside five other varieties, without the overt festive theme, including: “Bess”, “The Perfect Calm”, “Maybe BebĂ©”, “Butch Leather” and “Stinker Belle”.

Rival products include those from the VIP (Very Important Pet) range, by fragrance firm Scent Perfique, with products such as “Foxy Lady”, and “Pet Cologne For Him”, while another, from Bonnie Dogs, features sprays called “Finishing Touch” and “Duke”.

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