Tuesday 10 December 2013


Meet Remi, the world’s saddest dog

When your dog looks this bummed about you going out, it’s got to be pretty hard to ever leave the house.

The pup has a look that suggests his high school football team just lost the big game, he has just learnt magic isn’t real and that there are a bunch of cats frolicking nearby woefully un-chased all in one.

Nothing’s wrong with the little guy, he’s just sad about his owner nipping out, shunning his toys and even the crumbs of his biscuits as he gives the most mournful yet cute expression.

If Remi is the world’s saddest dog, a dog that popped up on YouTube earlier this week has got to be the most polite.

The pooch is seen carefully wiping his feet before entering the house in a video, showing a rather charming respect for his owner’s carpets

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