Friday 27 December 2013

It Was No Helicopter!!

Man ‘swinging manhood in rotary helicopter motion at women’

A man who reportedly swung his penis about in a ‘rotary helicopter motion’ at two women has been arrested.
Shawn Harvell was detained in Indianapolis in the US after he apparently approached the women with a gun and his private parts exposed.
After allegedly grabbing one of the females from behind he is then said to have spun around his manhood and demanded she go with him.
The alleged victims managed to flag down a police car and the officer inside then proceeded to chase Harvell, who scarpered once he saw the authorities.
The officer eventually caught up with the 34-year-old and arrested him.
He now faces several charges, including public indecency and resisting law enforcement.
When asked what he was doing, Harvell said he was trying to solve a ‘financial dispute’ with one of the women but she denied they had ever met him.

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