Sunday 8 December 2013


Cows fall through roof into artist’s workshop

An artist in Cornwall had some unexpected guests drop in when two cows fell through the roof of her workshop.

Sue Marshall, 77, said she heard an ‘almighty crash’ while vacuuming her converted barn property in Lamorna, near Penzance.

The shocked professional weaver went to investigate and found a cow stood in the middle of the room surrounded by a flattened table and chairs.

Minutes later, another cow joined the party after the pair had climbed on to the sloped roof from a neighbouring farmer’s field.

‘I assumed that a tree had come down,’ explained Ms Marshall.

‘I was astonished to find that a cow had fallen through the roof of the workshop, narrowly missing my loom and leaving a huge hole in the roof.

‘No sooner had I let the startled animal out than another one fell through another part of the roof.

‘Both cows narrowly missed the loom, which was incredibly fortunate, and neither was injured. I was in absolute shock.’

The two cows caused thousands of pounds worth of damage, which Ms Marshall was able to claim against the farmer’s insurance.

Alan Goddard, managing director of insurers Cornish Mutual, said: ‘This very unusual case really does highlight the importance of keeping boundary fences in good condition.

‘Fortunately no one was physically harmed and neither of the cows suffered any injuries.’

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