Sunday, 29 December 2013

French Farts

Student makes fortune selling fresh air

A French student has made thousands of pounds - from selling cans of fresh air.
Antoine Deblay decided to offer 250ml tins of air from his hometown of Montcuq in south-western France.
The 22-year-old first posted the idea on French crowdfunding website KissKissBankBank and was surprised to raise more than £670 investment in a few weeks.
After setting up a website and offering the "100% bio" product for sale at £4 plus £4.60 postage, the orders soon came rolling in and he received 1,000 orders in three weeks.
But non-French speakers may not quite get the humourous reason why the product is so popular.
In France, Montcuq is often mispronounced as "mon cul," which translates to English as "my backside".
This means that the product name of Air de Montcuq can be translated as "the air of my backside" making it a popular novelty gift.
M Deblay says: "Fresh air of Montcuq is 100% organic, it immerses you in the depths of the city to refresh your ideas. Ideal when you are in need of creative inspiration."
Anyone wanting to buy some Montcuq air should hurry as he is promising to sell only 10 litres a week - so as not to use up the local supply.

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