Sunday, 13 November 2011


6,810 bottles of wine topple off a shelf and crash to the floor: Video

A tear must have rolled down the face of every wine and champagne lover in the state of Wisconsin when almost 7,000 bottles of alcohol fell off a shelf at the Superior Discount Liquor store in the city of Sheboygan.

You rarely, if ever, get to see a wave of wine cascading towards a terrified group of workers but this was the sight at a wine store in Wisconsin after thousands of bottles crashed to the floor.
The scary incident happened in January but footage of the event has only just been released.
Two workers can be seen narrowly escaping a drenching from the sea of red wine and champagne. Salesman Nick Haen, who is one of the suppliers of the store, was finishing his weekly restock of the shelves when the bottles came crashing down.
'I heard a little shift and all of the sudden I looked up and just saw bottles start coming, and so I turned around and booked it as fast as I could.'
'It was a little bit of a rush, a little bit of a, "Holy man, did that just happen?" It was unbelievable.'
Jodi Berglund, general manager of the Superior Liquor chain, was also uninjured. 'I was coming in from the front of the store. I had put the hand truck down and I just turned to walk away and caught it out of the corner of my eye,' she said.
'It collapsed within seconds. It happened so quickly. It was just an amazing sight afterwards.'
Manager Lori Gregorie was unwilling to disclose the value of the alcohol that was lost but admitted she feared the worst.
'I figured we would be working for days cleaning up glass,' she added. 'There was wine running out the front door, wine running out the back door.'
The store did not suffer any monetary loss as insurance covered the cost. And no customers were physically hurt - although a lot of them might be suffering emotionally.

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