Thursday 17 November 2011


UK Will Delegate Online Censorship to Students

The worldwide-known insecurity outfit McAfee revealed that the move of the United Kingdom to filter the web would be dependent on a team of college students having a day or something about that training.
The insecurity outfit is engaged in creating blacklists of Internet material, categorizing online services into porno, gambling or thirty other definitions. This is done to allow Internet service providers block websites with inappropriate content. The lists created by McAfee are then used by broadband providers BT and Sky for their parental controls. All this represents a part of a new government-sponsored code of conduct. However, the critics point at the fact that the way things are, there would be no chance to view the list of websites that have already been blocked and appeals are at the discretion of McAfee. This means that once a website is incorrectly categorized, it will be extremely hard to undo that.
Some industry observers call our days a Golden Age of the censorship in the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that both television and radio were treated by a perfectly normal committee consisting of retired colonels, nuns and religious loonies, it’s another thing with the worldwide web. As for McAfee, the outfit believes that traditional way of addressing Internet services is too expensive. In addition, the entire process is mostly automated, and the system of the company is classifying the website by found keywords. Of course, not all critics could appreciate such system – for example, PC Pro claimed that humans actually need to take a look and see whether a pornography website is really hardcore or it’s more of an erotic location, because it makes difference, you know.
Meanwhile, the team that was made responsible for covering the company’s customers all over the world turned out to be made up of only 5-10 people. Moreover, it was a very popular job for… university students! The applicants get the training which involves going through several online services and the different ratings in order to get just a basic idea of what they have to do.
In respond, a McAfee representative admitted this tiny team has been asked to judge the websites that are considered the most subjective. Indeed, many would agree that it is quite tricky to draw the line between erotic and hardcore pornography, for example.

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