Sunday 6 November 2011

That’s Handy!!

Giant green hand reaches out of manhole to remind drivers of danger

Residents in the Chinese city of Tianjin have become so fed up with the local government doing nothing about an uncapped manhole on one of the local roads they have placed a giant green hand in the hole to alert approaching drivers.

The hand is in fact a discarded green sofa found by one of the locals and placed in the manhole to warn motorists approaching the hole in the road.
'I was baffled, thinking that the Incredible Hulk was underneath,' said local Li Dong.
The number of accidents has increased since the manhole lid disappeared over a month ago. Despite numerous letters of complaints to government officials, including media exposure about the hole, no action has been taken.
No one knows where the cover for the manhole ended up, but it could be a case of road thieves, similar to an incident in China earlier this year.
In August, a motorcyclist was hospitalised after suffering a fractured skull and broken jaw when his bike went front-first down into a lid-less manhole.
The accident was a result of the high number of manhole lids being stolen to be sold to make scrap metal.

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