Saturday, 5 November 2011


Boy makes £60 a day selling junk food, suspended by school

A Manchester school has suspended a 12-year-old boy for making £60 ($94) a day from selling chocolate, crisps and soft drinks to fellow pupils.
Tommie Rose was initially warned and sent home for a day over his behaviour, but has continued to persist with his money-making scheme.
He told Manchester Evening News: "I got the idea from watching Dragons' Den and feeling I could do something like that.
"The school just sells water and dinners. I have been bringing in 80 chocolate bars, Lucozade [drinks] and Doritos [packs] each day and have been selling out."
Tommie revealed that he buys in bulk from discount stores before making a profit by selling them at higher prices at the school.
The principal of Oasis Academy in Salford defended the suspension, saying: "The private selling of goods is not permitted, and any persistent breach of the code of conduct is dealt with firmly but supportively through parental engagement."
Tommie's father Gary, 30, countered: "The way they have dealt with it is far too harsh.
"I think he's just showing a bit of business sense, and he shouldn't be missing out on his education because of it."

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