Friday, 25 November 2011

Not A Thong To Wear!

Police searching for pink bikini burglar

Police in the US state of Indiana have reached out to the public for help in tracking down a bikini-clad male burglar.
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police have released surveillance footage of a man breaking into a daycare centre on October 20 and trying on a range of swimsuits, eventually settling for a pink-coloured number in which to explore the building.
The offender, who changed into his regular clothes before leaving the business, is described as white or Hispanic and sports a long, black ponytail.
Authorities released the video as part of an appeal for information, but censored some of the footage to "obscure unidentified parts sticking out of the bikini".
Police report that the man fled the premises after triggering a motion-sensitive alarm.
Employees at the centre are said to be unsure as to whether anything was taken.

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