Sunday 27 November 2011

Taco-Bell…Ding Dong!!

Police link Taco Bell fire to irate customer
A Taco Bell customer angry over too little meat on his extra large chalupas may have tried to set an Albany, Georgia restaurant on fire, police said on Friday.
A police officer spotted a small fire burning in the drivethru of the Taco Bell early on October 23, Albany police said.
The officer discovered a melted plastic container with liquid still burning inside, police said.
Earlier that morning, a male customer called the restaurant, complaining that his chalupas did not have enough meat on them, according to police.
When a restaurant employee told him that the store was about to close and that he would have to return the next day, he allegedly replied, "That's alright, I'll just come up there and redecorate the place."
The fire in the drivethru caused only minor damage to the building and there has not yet been an arrest in the case, Albany police said.

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