Thursday, 1 September 2011

You Little Liar!

Speeder busted lying to cops
A speeder north of Gatineau, Que., tried to avoid a hefty ticket early Tuesday by lying that his mother was in danger, police say. According to Const. Martin Fournel, the 19-year-old blew past a pair of cops at an intersection in La Peche. The officers happened to be responding to a domestic dispute in nearby Quyon. They estimate he was going about 130 km/h in a 70 km/h zone. Fournel said the officers pulled him over and he spun a yarn about how his mother had just called him on his cellphone and said she was in danger and then the line went dead. When the officers offered to help, the young man said that wasn't necessary, Fournel said. The officers escorted him home anyway. Fournel said when the young man pulled into the driveway, officers had to slow him down, as he rushed off to the front door. When the officers went into the home, around 1 a.m., with flashlights, they found the man's parents sound asleep in bed, Fournel said. The driver was fined $724 and received 10 demerit points.

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