Friday, 30 September 2011

Here’s A Change!

Hotfile Will Sue Hollywood in Response

It appeared that the table has turned now, with the worldwide-known file-sharing site Hotfile launching a lawsuit against the mighty Hollywood studio Warner Bros. Hotfile accused the movie studio of allegedly abusing its anti-piracy instrument.
The file-sharing service Hotfile was recently accused by a number of Hollywood movie studios for copyright violation. The online service, based somewhere in Florida, in response also filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros., accusing the movie studio of abuse and fraud. Hotfile also claimed that Warner Bros. has misused the anti-piracy instrument created by the file-hosting service specifically for the movie studio.
The matter of the lawsuit is that Warner Bros. for some reason have downloaded content that didn’t belong to the movie studio, like open source software and game demos. The file-hosting service stated that Warner Bros. continued the unauthorized downloads even after being asked by the company to stop doing that.
The complaint says that the movie studio in question, together with a few other major movie studios, has recently filed absolutely unfounded and contrived lawsuit against Hotfile using overly aggressive tactics. Moreover, the movie studio has made numerous “reckless and irresponsible” misrepresentations to the file-hosting company, falsely claiming to hold copyrights in content from the file-hosting website.
Worse still, Hollywood went on making such misrepresentations even after the file-hosting service explicitly brought such rampant abuse to the movie studio’s attention. Hotfile claimed to do whatever it could by ruling out any possibility that the wrongful actions in question were accidental or unknowing.

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