Thursday, 29 September 2011

Onion Soup Perhaps?

British pensioner grows world's heaviest onion

Britain has won an eye-watering world title after gardener Peter Glazebrook set a new record for the heaviest ever onion

The pensioner, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, smashed John Sifford’s 2005 record of 16lb 8.37oz with his 17lb 15.5oz specimen at the Harrogate Flower Show.
Mr Glazebrook, who has grown several past prize-winners, was thrilled to have finally won the coveted title.
“Obviously I am over the moon," said the 67-year-old. “Winning these competitions is great, but in the vegetable growing world, the heaviest onion title is the one to have.”
The former chartered surveyor picked up £500 for winning first prize at the show, and a further £1,000 for setting the new world record.
He currently holds three other world records - heaviest potato, heaviest parsnip, and longest beetroot.
Mr Glazebrook admitted a lot of care and attention went into cultivating his giant onion, but insisted there was no secret to his success which he put down to the widely-available John Innes No 3 Plant Compost and fertilizers.
He added: “I have had more success with my onions over the past four years, and have spent more money doing it scientifically, getting the right light and temperature.”
There were no other world records set at this weekend's show, but there were still some impressive entries.
Jimmy Reid from Gilling West in North Yorkshire was showing off his huge marrow, which at 107lb 6oz was heavier than many female celebrities.
A 65lb 2oz cabbage was so large that it had to be pushed in a wheelbarrow, while the heaviest potato was similar to the weight of a baby at 6lb 10oz.
The longest cucumber entered was a lengthy 32.5in, with a runner bean winning its category at 31in.

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