Saturday, 3 September 2011

Oh Shit!

Truck Carrying 300 Gallons of Sewage Crashes Into Home

Home declared uninhabitable

A tanker truck carrying 300 gallons of sewage crashed into the living room of an upstate New York home.
No one was home at the time of the crash. The home, in the small town of Gaines, about 30 miles west of Rochester, was declared uninhabitable. Police were trying to determine what caused the septic tanker truck to veer off the western New York road and slam through the wall of the home before coming to rest in the living room.
The Orleans County Sheriff's Department said the truck driven by 35-year-old Russell Calkins of Albion. crashed Thursday morning in Gaines, a rural town 30 miles west of Rochester.
Calkins lost control of the truck, which crossed the center line, hit a stop sign, and continued moving until it crashed through a garage attached to the ranch home and ended up in the living room, according to NBC affiliate WHEC-TV.
Calkins was transported to a Rochester hospital for treatment.
Police say the truck was carrying 200 gallons of fresh water, some of which spilled out, and a separate load of 300 gallons of waste product, which didn't leak

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