Friday, 16 September 2011

Turn Right?

Breast squeeze 'caught on speed camera'

A motorist is threatening legal action after a police camera allegedly caught him speeding while squeezing his female passenger's breast.
Businessman Deng Jialin has been fined the equivalent of £20 for driving at nearly 60mph in a 50mph zone - but that is the least of his worries.
He says the image, which was published by local media after it was posted on an internet forum, has been digitally manipulated.
And he is threatening to sue local traffic police, who he believes leaked the photograph, for breach of his privacy.
The photograph shows Deng driving his Nissan 4WD vehicle on a motorway between Santai and Shehong in Sichuan Province, China.
It later emerged that the woman in the picture is not his wife but a local university student.
But Deng, who runs his own company, says it's a fake and is threatening to sue the Mianyang Traffic Bureau.
"I was driving alone that day, and there was no one in my passenger seat," he insisted.
Traffic officials have promised to investigate the incident and say they will review policy to better protect people's privacy.

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