Monday, 5 September 2011

A Haircut Sir?

Japanese staff given identical 'energy-efficient' haircuts

A Japanese company has demanded that all of its staff members get identical haircuts in order to help the environment.
Construction firm Maeda Corp this week informed employees that they would soon be expected to sport mandatory energy-efficient hairstyles, The Daily Telegraph reports.
Male employees have been told to ask for a short back-and-sides, while the women should be seen in a "cute" bob with a longer fringe.
"Our company is very keen on protecting the environment and we encourage our staff to adopt many environment-friendly actions," a spokesman for Maeda Corp said.
"We are not sure of the data yet, but we believe if people have short hair they do not need to use their hair driers for so long and they will use less water. If all our staff do this, then it may save a lot of power."
However, the representative admitted that workers were struggling to prepare for the new hair policy, stating: "I've had a lot of our staff calling me yesterday and today to ask where they can get their hair cut in the correct style."

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