Thursday, 6 March 2014


Clumsy robber laughed at by bank staff

A Chinese bank clerk was caught on CCTV laughing at an incompetent bank robber who threatened her with a meat cleaver - despite the fact that she was hidden behind an unbreakable security barrier.
Dozy robber De Ke, 28, also stopped mid-robbery in Shanghai to answer a his mobile phone, leaning against the glass to tell whoever it was that he was busy and to call back later.
Bank clerk Rong Ku, 41, told local media: "I might have taken it seriously if he'd had a gun as you never know really if the security glass will stop a bullet, but I knew he had no chance of getting through with a meat cleaver.
"It was a bizarre situation and I just had to laugh, especially when he took a telephone call in the middle of the robbery.
"He said 'this is a robbery' in a really quiet voice and then asked me to hold on while he took a phone call."
As he shouted down the phone, a security guard intervened, allowing another customer to disarm the robber before police arrived on the scene.

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