Saturday, 15 March 2014

Captain Walks The Plank!

Say Goodbye to Captain Birdseye! Foodie-favourite is demoted after 50 years on TV

HE'S been with us for decades but Captain Birdeye has now our foodie favourite has been laid to rest.

The Frozen Food face of Fish Fingers for nearly 50 years has been demoted in a £16m shake-up of the brand.

The happy choppy will be replaced by a photogenic TV family to appeal to the digital generation.

The new campaign, which will launch on Monday sees TV adverts go alongside a Facebook and Twitter strategy in order to extend the appeal of the fish finger.

The new ads will show a bantering family contend with dad jokes at the dinner table.

However Birdseye have maintained the seafarer will not be frozen out completely.

A spokesman for the brand said: "The new campaign is a new era for the captain and he will have a new role and that will become apparent later in the year."

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