Saturday, 8 February 2014

Irish Logic?

Irish Politician against Open Source Browsers

Patrick O’Donovan, a politician from Limerick, called for crackdown on open source browsers that allowed anonymous browsing. Deputy O’Donovan asked the Oireachtas Communications Committee to investigate tougher controls on the use of open source browsers that allow people to remain anonymous in the unauthorized trade of drugs, weapons and porn.

The politician claimed there was a black market on the Internet that protects anonymity and operates across borders through open source browsers and payments systems, both of which allow users to remain anonymous. Such services encourage operation of online markets for illegal stuff like drugs, weapons and adult content, where it’s very difficult to trace the identity of the buyers.

O’Donovan said that if the Oireachtas Communications Committee doesn’t take him seriously he would go further and raise the matter with both the Ministers for Justice and Communications. He also claimed he wanted to get the European Union on his side. The politician pointed out that the US police have recently taken action to address the problem, but he missed the fact that it was fruitless, because replacement browsers quickly emerged to continue illegal trades. Perhaps, O’Donovan believes that the Irish shouldn’t pay attention to the fact that the Americans with their super surveillance gear failed to get it working, and is sure that enhanced international co-operation and engagement will successfully solve the problem. Well, let’s see.

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