Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I Want It Back!!

Give Back My Kidney: Devon Woman Wants Estranged Husband To Return Her Donated Organ

THE People report on “Caring Samantha Lamb”, 41, of Ivybridge, Devon, who gave one of her kidney’s to ailing husband Andy, 45. The People says it saved his life. She says after the transplant he had an affair. He says he didn’t. She wants her kidney back. You could deduce that she wants him dead.

Says the mum-of-one:  “I can’t ­believe he now has a second chance to live to see his grandchildren grow up. I would definitely go through the operation again – but I wouldn’t give the kidney to him. I hate him. If I could I’d take it back and give it someone else. Obviously I don’t want people to be put off putting their names on the organ donor list. But all I want from him is his name on the divorce papers.”

Andy, billed by caring Sam as king of the one-liners, replies: ”Despite what Samantha believes, I’ve never been with her friend. I just helped train her dog.”

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