Friday, 31 January 2014

Winter Warmer?

Handwarming ToastyMUG offers ‘more satisfying cuppa’

Winter is here and most of us are freezing, so it is no surprise that someone, somewhere in the world, has created a new way keep us warm – this time in the form of a mug.

Italian designer Sabrina Fossi has developed an insulated mug that features a handle that wraps around half the vessel, allowing your hands and fingers to be surrounded by warmth (provided you’re drinking a hot beverage, of course).

The ceramic ToastyMUG is handmade in Montelupo, Italy, and it will set you back a pretty penny – they currently retail at €44 (£36) each.

Despite a normal non-insulated mug being able to keep hands warm when holding it, the ToastyMUG claims to offer a ‘more satisfying’ cuppa.

The production description says: ‘The ergonomic, enveloping form of the handle keeps the heat in so both your drink and your hands are kept toasty.

‘Now, tea, coffee and hot chocolate are all that much more satisfying! ToastyMUG also looks beautiful on the table.’

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