Thursday, 30 January 2014

Beam Me Aboard?

Councilman lives long in history with Klingon resignation letter but doesn’t prosper with colleagues

A politician boldly went where no other had gone before by writing his letter of resignation in Klingon.

David Waddell decided to use the language from the Star Trek franchise to announce his departure from a town council in North Carolina.

But not everyone was pleased with the politician’s decision, with mayor Michael Alvarez calling it ‘unprofessional’.

But that didn’t deter Mr Waddell, who said the use of the Klingon script was an inside joke.

The councilman will leave his job at the end of the month, nearly two years before his term was meant to end in December 2015.

Mr Waddell, from the Constitution Party, said he wanted to dedicate his time to fighting US senator Kay Hagan using a write-in campaign.

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