Wednesday, 15 January 2014

We Will Block You!!!!!

UK Filters Tech Websites

It didn’t become a surprise for anyone that David Cameron’s wonderful “save the kids” censorship turned out to be just another attempt to prevent people from finding out information. The first victim of Cameron’s filter was tech writer Peter Hansteen from Norway – for some reason his site was declared out of bounds.

The only suggestion he could come up with was that once he published a story which referred to a picture of “a blonde chick with a cute pussy”. In reality the picture was of baby poultry and cats. Hansteen’s website is mainly tech content, and its resources include the hourly updated list of greytrapped spam senders.

Another victim is the national Norwegian Unix Users’ group website, which is also blocked in the UK now. Apparently, David Cameron just doesn’t want people to find out about open source.

The main site for USENIX, the US-based but in fact quite international Unix user group, is also blocked in the parental control regime. Looks like Prime Minister finds Unix and Linux immoral and something kids should not see.

Unsurprisingly enough, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is blocked in the country, as well as The latter is dumb enough to censor, because it disagreed with Teresa May’s decisions on extradition.

The British can’t reach,,, ArsTechnica,,, and even “Free downloading” mention maybe a reason?..

Some believe that all these bodies and groups can launch a lawsuit against the UK government. In fact, this online filter is interfering with free trade for absolutely no reason. While children of today are already ignorant and self-absorbed, UK Prime Minister seems determined to keep them that way.

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