Saturday, 4 January 2014

Case Closed??

Wet, cold and naked man spends night in guitar case

A man was discovered half-naked and dazed having just spent hours in a guitar case to keep warm – after he fell through an icy pond while getting lost on a walk.

Zackery Aders, 31, set off on a mammoth 26-mile trek between Gore and Checotah in Oklahoma when he lost his way.

Walking on an icy pond, the surface suddenly gave way and Aders realised that he would have to take off his now-soaking wet clothes.

Farm owners nearby were checking on their cattle when they found him in only his boxer shorts and ‘unable to speak’, Muskogee County sheriff Charles Pearson said.

He’d climbed into his guitar case to keep warm, as the temperature plunged, and left clothes piled up in a heap next to it.

‘They had to walk back in there to find him,’ the Muskogee Phoenix reports Mr Pearson as saying. ‘He was so cold he couldn’t even talk.’

Mr Aders was treated at a local hospital before being released with non-life-threatening injuries.

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