Monday, 20 January 2014


Couple rescued after bogus internet advice

A couple from London who merrily set off to climb Snowdonia having read on the internet that it was "an easy walk" had to be rescued.

The pair, both in their 20s, got stuck along the 3,000ft North Ridge of Tryfan, having brought with them only light walking boots, mobile phones and a bottle of water each.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue were called at 3pm on Saturday and lowered the couple using ropes and a harness.

Rescuers confirmed the walkers had set off without any equipment and had no rucksacks, maps, spare clothing or torches.

When the pair realised the route was in fact highly challenging and that their internet advice was bogus, they turned back, but got lost and ended up in a rock-climbing area known as Milestone Buttress.

Rescuers used the Sarloc smartphone system, which pinpoints the exact location of phones, to find them.

Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team spokesman Chris Lloyd said he'd be interested to see the offending website, and added to The Daily Post: "At base they realised the error of their ways."

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