Thursday, 1 November 2012

Unlucky For Some??

David and Joanne are the unluckiest names

Research has found that David and Joanne are the unluckiest names in the UK and that people with those monikers are most likely to suffer personal injury.
So according to case data released by a UK-based firm of personal injury solicitors anyone named David or Joanne should take extra care when leaving the house in the morning.

The data, released by the team at Edwards Hoyle, aimed to discover trends amongst personal injury claims, and looked into the most common names, ages and occupations of personal injury claimants they’ve dealt with over the past two years.

A spokesperson for Edwards Hoyle said: "We thought we’d take a look at who is most likely to claim based on names and years of birth. David and Joanne topped our charts as the most likely names to suffer some form of personal injury."

And it's extra bad news if you are a Fishermen called David … that's the unluckiest profession.
The most common names of male victims of personal injury:
1) David
2) James
3) Stephen
4) Andrew
5) Chris

The most common names of female victims of personal injury:
1) Joanne
2) Emma
3) Clare
4) Karen
5) Lisa

The top 5 most risky professions
1) Fishermen
2) Farming
3) Oil/ Gas Workers
4) Construction
5) Lorry Driver

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