Friday, 2 November 2012

All In A Name??

Man named Thomas Cook gets free holiday

A man who shares the same name with travel agency Thomas Cook has received a free holiday to France.

However, it wasn't Thomas Cook who provided the trip to Paris but a competitor.

Cook initially posted on
Thomas Cook's Facebook, saying: "Seeing as I share the exact same name as your huge company, and because of this I have been ridiculed for as long as I can remember, I think it's only fair that you help compensate for this by giving me one of your lovely holidays.

"A weekend to Paris would do just fine."

The Thomas Cook agency - despite being encouraged by other Facebook users - declined.

Instead, competitors emailed Cook and offered him the holiday.

They told Cook: "Here at, we completely sympathise with your suffering and if your name was '', we would certainly have accepted your request to be sent away on a weekend in Paris.

"So how about we send you on that weekend in Paris?"

Cook accepted the offer.

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