Sunday, 4 November 2012

An Intelligent Geordie??

Sunderland is UK's 'brainiest city'

A survey of intelligence has found that Sunderland is the UK's 'brainiest city'., the UK's largest quiz site, undertook the research by asking residents of each city 30 questions from a variety of categories. They included: Sport, Art & Literature and History & Politics.

Questions included 'How many points are scored for a converted try in Rugby Union?', 'What is the smallest planet in the solar system?' and 'What is the collective noun for a group of emus?'.

The results found that the cleverest city was Sunderland, who got 71% of answers correct. Exeter and Preston secured second and third place respectively with 68% and 65%.

However, residents of Norwich only scored 35%, meaning they came at the bottom of the table. Peterborough and Edinburgh completed the bottom three with 43% each.

Rick Eastman, marketing director of, said: "This was the definitive general intelligence test for the UK; Sunderland did very well to come out on top."

The survey also proved that hair colour has no reflection on intelligence. Blonde, black and red-haired people all scored 54% whilst brunette and grey-haired scored 53%.

Over 5,000 UK residents from 30 cities took part in the survey.

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