Thursday, 8 November 2012

One Step Ahead??

The British couple who live in the future

A British couple live their lives one hour ahead of the rest of the country because they claim it's good for their health.

For the past six years Janys and John Warren have lived by British Summertime all year round.
The retired couple from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, who are members of St George's parish council began the experiment to see if it would have any effect on Mr Warren's cluster headaches.
The painful condition is thought to be triggered by a change in the clocks.
Six years on, the couple claim they both feel healthier.
Mrs Warren, 68, said: "We tried this because my husband's cluster headaches had moved from being episodic to chronic but still seemed to be triggered by the clock change.
"We heard that someone who suffered from them went to Australia and did not change his clocks and did not have an episode. It's worked for us too."
Living in a time warp has not made them psychic but it has saved the pair money on heating and lighting bills.
"We have lower fuel bills and far more usable daylight hours with evenings not seeming endless," added Mrs Warren.
"Even if the UK stayed on British Summertime we would be closer to European Time which has got to be an improvement for trade and tourism.
"The couple, who get up at 9.30am-10am, which for the rest of the world is an hour earlier, say the winter doesn't seem so long living in another time.
"We don't put the heating on until we get up and by then it is warmer anyway," said Mrs Warren.
"We've saved about one third of our heating and lighting bills. The winter doesn't seem so long and I don't feel so tired in the evening. It's nice to be wide awake later.
"Our children have grown up so there are not so many things that we do that need to fit in with the rest of the world.
"It takes them a couple of weeks each year to get used to the fact that it's a different time for us- but it's not inconvenient.
"People who come to the house sometimes look at the clock and say, 'Goodness, it's time to go,' and we explain.
"Of course one of the things it makes a difference is parish council meetings. They don't start for us until 8.30pm, but it means they can sometimes go on until 10.30pm or 11pm."
The couple are usually fast asleep when New Year comes in - but are woken up by fireworks at what for them is 1 am.

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