Saturday, 3 November 2012

Caveman On The Loose!

'Naked caveman' accused of terrorising Texan mountain walkers

A 'naked caveman' has been accused of terrorising a small Texan community amid reports he chased a group of hikers away from his mountainside home in the nude.

Residents living near McKelligon Canyon in El Paso say they live in fear of the mysterious man who claims to have been lodging in a remote cave on the mountain for the past three years.
One local told KVIA they 'didn't feel safe' around the bearded occupant, while another claims to have regularly seen him bathing in the laundry room of an apartment complex at the foot of the canyon.
Last week, a group of mountain walkers who stumbled across the shelter claim a naked man sprang from the cave and chased them down the mountainside.
The man has denied the accusations however, claiming 'busy bodies' made up the stories about him running around naked.
'If that's true, where's the pictures?' he told KVIA. 'If that's true, what tattoos does he have? What is he built like? It's stupidity.'
He claims he is not the only resident on the mountain, saying: 'People come out here to barbecue; people come up here to sleep and camp out.'
The cave dweller supports himself by donating blood plasma and through gifts from the public.
Local authorities have said they would investigate the claims to see if his mountainside home is legal.

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