Monday, 5 November 2012


Urban fox spotted trying to break into upstairs window

A homeowner was stunned when he spotted this urban fox trying to break into his neighbour's house - through an upstairs window.

A wily urban fox was spotted trying to break into a house in south London.
The crafty animal was spotted clawing at the frame of a bathroom window at a terraced house in East Sheen.
Local resident Paul Aynsley snapped the fox as it stood on the roof of his neighbour's extension.
Retired Mr Aynsley, 61, said: "We have a lot of foxes round here, but I was surprised to see one on the roof - I didn't know foxes climbed.
"It was like it was trying to break in or stare through the bathroom window."
The fox was snapped around 9am on Thursday morning close to opera superstar Katherine Jenkins' £6m home.
Paul added: "The fox went round the corner and then disappeared. I don't know how the hell it got up there in the first place.
"It really is strange."
Complaints of urban foxes invading gardens have been growing as they lose their fear of humans, pest controllers have warned.
New fortnightly bin collections, leaving rubbish bags piling near houses, are being blamed for helping bring the once-shy creatures closer to people's homes in search of food.
Pest control companies warned that call-outs from members of the public to deal with foxes had surged in recent years.
In 2012 feral foxes attacked two twin baby girls who were mauled in their cot at their home in Hackney, east London.
Britain’s urban fox population is widely estimated to be about 30,000 but some experts believe it could be as high as 50,000.
At present local authorities have no legal requirement to control urban foxes even when residents complain.

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