Friday, 19 August 2011

Lucky Sod!!

Porn shoot spotted by New York executive outside his office

A bored New York executive staring out from his office was given quite the surprise when he captured a pornographic film being made in an adjacent apartment.

The eagle-eyed worker looked out of his window at the start of the working week and saw filmmakers and an adult actress recording a series of x-rated antics.
Dressed in suspenders and, well not much else, the blonde bombshell was captured strutting her stuff both inside the apartment and out on the balcony.
Knowing that his colleagues would surely say it was all lie, the worker, who wished to remain anonymous, got out his iPhone and began filming what was unfolding outside his window.

To spread the message even further, the website was tipped off about the shoot, with images emailed in which were later posted on-line for users to view themselves.
In a brief explanation sent to the site, the tipster calmly wrote: 'I hit the jackpot, and witnessed the makings of a pornographic film.'
For the record, the offices are located in lower Manhattan on 800 and Third and the comforting thing it seems is that even pornstars have go to work on Mondays

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