Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Air Guitar?

Man tries to smash guitar with head but is told to clear up after collapsing

A man known only as 'Andrew' has become an unlikely YouTube star after making eight separate attempts to smash a wooden guitar over his head, only to sorely regret it when his mum orders him to clean up the mess he has made.

The long-haired wannabe rock star tries to break the guitar over his head - only to find it isn't as easy as he first thought.
So, of course, Andrew tries again, and as the instrument bounces off his skull for a fourth time he assures us: 'I'm ok, I'm ok.'
But the woman watching, (just visible in the mirror on the far wall) who we can only assume is his mother, thinks otherwise telling him: 'No, you're not.'
Clearly Andrew knows better, so he hits himself a few more times with said guitar, before swooning and falling over.
But it would seem his troubles have only just begun as his outraged mother tells him to clear up the 's**t' littering her clean sofa and floor.
To Andrew's credit, though, the guitar did crack a bit.
YouTube users were equally unimpressed by Andrew's antics, with one saying: 'lol @ the nagging mom. he's ok though. you can't cause much brain damage if there isn't much brain to begin with.'
Another wrote: 'I think doing this actually brought him BACK to his senses instead of knocking him out of them.'
Poor Andrew. We're sure his record deal is in the post.

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