Saturday, 13 August 2011


UK riots spark huge surge in baseball bats sales

The London and UK riots have been an unlikely boon for a rather specific sector of society… purveyors of baseball bats.
Sales of the sporting equipment come weapon have surged by 6,500% over the past couple of days… and we don't think it's because we're all taking up the sport.
It's thought many worried Brits are instead looking to tool-up and secure their homes from would-be looters.
On many of the most popular items in their 'sport and leisure' category are aluminium baseball bats… it's just a shame many of them have a 4-6 week delivery delay.
While the most popular item is a 60cm long Rucanor aluminum baseball bat, a £25.99 military police telescopic Tonfa - 21" is number two.

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