Friday, 12 August 2011

Build Your Own?

Man admits home nuclear reactor was "pretty stupid"

A Swedish man has admitted that he was "pretty stupid" for setting up a nuclear reactor in his home kitchen.
Richard Handl, from Angelholm, was questioned by police after he conducted a six-month experiment to recreate a working reactor.
"I had it under control, it was not so dangerous," Handl told BBC News. "It was pretty stupid."
The unemployed 31-year-old said that he had simply been "curious", but would stick to theoretical work from now on.
Handl was discovered after calling the local radiation authority to check whether or not his experiment was legal.
Police were then called to his flat where they confiscated his scientific material as well as his computer.
It is unknown whether there will be any other legal ramifications from Handl's experiment.

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