Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What A Surprise??

Many holidaying Brits refuse to eat local nosh

Unadventurous Brits refuse to eat local cuisine and rarely leave their holiday complex when going abroad, it's been revealed.
Despite jetting off to far-flung destinations, four in 10 people admit they only travel abroad for the sunshine.
A third say they prefer to stick with English food such as fish and chips than try anything more exciting from local menus.
And 47% even claim they would rather eat in well-known burger and fast-food restaurants than sampling some of the more exotic delicacies.
In fact, 22% won’t eat at restaurants which don’t have English speaking staff… though 'steak and chips' is understood pretty much around the world.
Incredibly, 36% of Brits also expect all foreign people to speak fluent English, and yet half would never consider trying to speak the local language themselves in an attempt to communicate.
A spokesperson for esure, which polled 3,000 holidaymakers said: "It is clear from these findings that although people are happy to travel to foreign countries for their annual holiday, they are less comfortable about experiencing the local culture once they are there.
"It seems people are worried about trying local foods in case they don’t like them and would rather stick to a Full English.”


Don said...

And I am the exact opposite! When I travel to a foreign country (to me) I revel in the local cuisine and sites/sounds! I've been known to walk the streets of the "new" (to me) country and visit the local sights on my own, and just pop into a restaurant that catches my eye!


(PS. You may want to change your comments to a pop up, as it currently is a frame breaker, which is not acceptable at EYB!)

Anji said...

I'm shocked. They are missing out on a lot of good food