Monday, 18 July 2011

About Time

Restaurant bans children under 6 years old

A restaurant in America has chosen to ban all kids under the age of 6.
McDain's, a restaurant and golf driving range in Monroeville, PA, justified its decision by claiming that young children cannot be controlled, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
McDain's, which includes a bar, is said to have an adult atmosphere, emphasised by the fact that it has never offered a children's menu.
Owner Mike Vuick told regular customers in an email: "We feel McDain's is not a place for young children. Their volume can't be controlled and many, many times they have disturbed other customers.
"There are many child-friendly restaurants that are a lot cheaper to go to."
He added: "[There's] nothing wrong with babies, but the fact is you can't control their volume... I think it's the height of being impolite and selfish and so, therefore, I instituted a policy."
The ban has attracted mixed reaction from locals. Posting on Yelp, one man welcomed the change, commenting: "Part of me thinks this is probably a good idea. I think we live in the age of bad parenting, and a lot of parents simply cannot keep their kids under control."
However, another poster countered: "The people with the kids running and screaming at restaurants are the same ones who would answer a loudly ringing cell phone at the table and proceed to chat.
"It should be a rude-people rule not a kids-under-6 rule."

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