Friday, 15 July 2011

No Taste Buds?

Couple have Marmite-themed wedding

Two newlyweds have got married at a Marmite-themed wedding ceremony.
Terry and Jennifer Constant wanted to dedicate their nuptials to the yeast-based paste, which they believe brought them together.
The couple met eight years ago at the University of Portsmouth. Terry had introduced himself to Jennifer at the halls of residence while holding a cheese and Marmite sandwich, and the pair bonded over their love of the product, SWNS reports.
Terry added: "Now we have [Marmite] in everything, including curries. We are both vegetarians, so we add it to our meals and take it with us wherever we go."
Their wedding ceremony included a Marmite-flavoured wedding cake and gifts of tiny Marmite jars for all the guests. Jennifer also wore a Marmite-themed hat, while Terry drove a Marmite-themed taxi.
Terry recalled: "We had lots of special Marmite touches at the wedding that, in classic style, people either loved or hated. I drove a Marmite taxi, and we put little jars out for everyone to enjoy.
"We had Marmite hats and, of course, our cake was also Marmite-themed. It was half-Marmite and chocolate and half-vanilla.
"But I didn't think it went far enough. I would have spread Jennifer in the stuff if I had the chance!"

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